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  • OLW38 – Jennifer – this was a brilliant challenge – it certainly made me think! But I’m pleased with the card I made. Thanks. And thank you for your very sweet comment on my card :) Much appreciated.

  • Hi Jennifer – I’m porbably being particularly thick, but the challenge says entries until Tuesday, but the note at the bottom says ‘collection closed’? Thanks, Chris

  • Jen

    Chris, you need to look at the date that the challenge was posted.

    The challenge generally opens just before midnight (Montreal time) and is open for a week.

    I host on alternate weeks. Susan (the person who started the challenge) hosts the other weeks.

    Hope that was clear…as mud :)

  • Love your blog and challenges, however I would also love a badge or blinkie to picture your blog… currently i have one of your cards pictured.

  • Jen


    I will see what I can come up with!


  • Hi Jennifer!

    Is there any way I can skip the part of putting in my name, email, and website every time I try to leave you a comment?



  • Jen


    Let me check with “tech support” (aka my husband).

  • Jen


    Is it just my site that you have to do this? I have to do it everywhere I visit, however, Firefox remembers all my info so all I have to do is type the first letter in each box.

    What browser are you using?

  • Hi Jennifer,

    The bird is a stamp. It is included in a hostess level 1 set that has 4 stamps that coordinate with the punches. Very versatile! Thanks for the comment and the challenges.

  • Janet

    LOL Just read Simplicity…Like you are supposed to *clean* your house” … I’m still laughing because I feel the same way. Nice way to start the day! Thanks. Janet

  • Jo Ann

    Hi Jennifer, what is the name of the SU stamp set that has the flowers that you used in this week’s OLW? I love all the different flowers! Thank you.

  • Jen

    Hmmm, that is a good question. I am a very bad SU! stamp collector – I throw out all the boxes and arrange my stamps by theme.

    So, the answer is…I don’t know.

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