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About me

My name is Jennifer Styles and I have been working in the greeting card industry for almost twenty years. I started out as a sales rep and eventually ended up in sales management and product sourcing. I am currently enjoying a very, very extended maternity leave – five years and counting.

I intended to take up scrapbooking while at home with my son. I took a bit of a detour when I discovered card-making. I have yet to make my first scrapbook page.

I live in Montreal, Canada.

3 comments to About me

  • Geri Greening

    …first time stopping by and WOW – I love your style (no pun intended).

    I am from Dauphin, Manitoba and visited your blog after seeing some of your work on Splitcoast. Your cards are beautiful.

    Saw the pics of the new craft room – it must be heaven! It seems that you put alot of thought into organizing and placement of your work locations – looks great. My own craftroom rule is “A place for everything and everything in its place”

    If you don’t mind, I would like to ask you a question: I noticed that you have a Tonic Studios guillotine cutter (12 inch). I bought one about two months ago but find that it isn’t truly square. For example, when I cut at the 4″ mark it is always about 1/8 to 1/16 out. I have been compensating by moving my paper just a smidge before I cut but that is a bother. Also, if I line the paper up along a grid line and have it flush to the top, once again it isn’t square. Just wondering if you have experienced this with your cutter?

    I had the Memory Maker cutter and even though I am struggling with the Tonic, I still prefer it.

    Once again, great work!

    :) Geri, Dauphin

  • Judy Bennett

    Hi Jennifer,

    I saw your question on Splitcoast Stampers that you posted a few months ago, If you haven’t located the clutches that go on the ends of the stick pins, I should have them in my shop by the end of October.

    Here’s a link to my shop: (oh… you’ll have to copy and paste as it won’t
    do the link on your reply.)

    Scroll down past the closeout items and you’ll see the “Coming Soon..” clutches, as well as stick pins, beads, fancy buttons, etc.

    Happy crafting,

    Judy Bennett
    Pizzazz Aplenty
    P.S. I couldn’t find your email address, so I’m sending this on your comment post.

  • HI Jennifer this is my first visit to ur blog and am already in love with…

    ur style is superb…am a newbie crafter …do visit my blog and leave your valuable fedback

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