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OLW83 – An Inspiration Challenge

Oh my kittens, so sorry for being so tardy.

It’s taking me a very long while to adjust to working again, being hit by The Plague didn’t help either.

So.  The Challenge.  It was my birthday on Thursday and my adorable little boy showered me with “presents” and cards.  This week the challenge is to make a one-layer card inspired by one of his gifts or cards.

This first picture is not actually related to my birthday, but it’s too cute not too post.While I was at work a few weeks ago he snuck into my craft room and raided my stash.  Kinda hard to be mad about it, eh?

The card says, “Mum is cool i love you”.  Love how he filled in the missing  “u” with a handwritten letter.

Friends love share

Inside of rainbow birthday card

A new Mercedes! (Well, new to me – it was lovingly given from his stash of cars.)

A blue block from his block collection (because my favourite colour is blue).

A handmade XKCD fan.  (Yes, we ARE a house full of nerds.)

A couple of birthday notes – sweet and um…odd?

So, the challenge this week is to make a one-layer birthday card inspired by one, some, or all of the following:

Letters, a rainbow, a car, a blue square, a fan, a sweet message, a silly message.

Use your imagination and have some fun!

My card:

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