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Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Hey there chickies!

I bet you are all wondering who is the lucky winner of Krystie Lee‘s A Muse Studio goodies!

Well, wonder no more!

The winner is [insert drumroll here]…Carol B (#34) of The Inky Daisy.

Congratulations Carol and thank you so much Krystie for your most generous prize!

Carol, please email (jennifer[at]stylesink[dot]ca) me your details so I can pass them on to Krystie.

Thank you all for playing along and submitting such lovely cards!



2 comments to Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

  • OMG!! I am SOOOOOO EXCITED that I won! Thanks so much Jennifer. And, a HUGE, BIG THANKS to Krystie for your enormous generosity! I love A Muse and will put the goodies to very good use! Fun! Fun! Fun!

  • Tiya-B

    mom loved the card, I’m looking for places to send the others i made, thanks

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