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OLW55: Cats and Dogs

Hello peeplets!

It is once again that time (already!) for an odd-numbered One-Layer Wednesday.

Another easy peasy one.  Make a one layer card with a dog or a cat on it (or both).

Card stock: PTI
Stamps: SU!
Ink: Memento, ColorBox
Technique: Masking
Wall: Hand drawn and coloured with Copics
Now, while I quite like the idea of this card, I’m a little disappointed in it’s execution.  I may well redo it
and fine-tune a few elements.

1. A one-layer card is defined as a single piece of cardstock folded in half.

2. Make a one-layer card with a cat or a dog on it (or both).

3. Please share your creation by posting your card online and then using  Inlinkz below to link to it.

4. Please make sure you are linking directly to the relevant post – not just to your blog.

5. Most important of all…HAVE FUN!

6. If I have confused you, please feel free to leave a comment telling me so, or email me for clarification

7. If you wish to post your creation to SCS, please use OLW55 as a keyword.

Edited to add:

I couldn’t leave comments on a few of your lovely cards, for the OLW53 challenge.
In four cases when I tried to leave comments I was directed to a sign up page for Blogger.
Some of you don’t have a profile option for me to select.  I don’t use Blogger and if you don’t have
the “Name/URL” option available, I either can’t leave a comment or I might appear as simply “Jennifer”
with no additional info.  Not sure what that’s all about.

11 comments to OLW55: Cats and Dogs

  • Jennifer – what a super challenge! I rarely make cards with dogs or cats – so this is a bit “out there!” for me! But should be fun! Your card is fun – I do like the cat!

    As for leaving comments – I’m having difficulties too. I think Blogger is still having some issues. Hopefully, they’ll get it sorted.

  • Really CUTE! card, I’m off to have a play! Thanks Jennifer, good idea again! :0) xxx

  • Blogger is definitely having issues. Yesterday was my first chance to comment on OLW54 cards, and I COULD NOT. You can just imagine how irritated I was. Oh, wait. You don’t need to imagine…you experienced it yourself!

    I sure hope Blogger/Google gets its act together soon.

    AWESOME Challenge. I’m all over this like Daisy on an ant. Yes, my dog eats ants. She actually pounces on them. Sixty pound dog pouncing on an ant. That’s what I call an unfair fight.

  • Oh! Dear! I’m next to myself, strange feeling :{ Oh well I’m back but I think you’re safe, don’t think I’ve got any more dog stamps hiding anywhere, LOL :0) xxx

  • Thanks for another fun challenge! Love your cat! I´ve added mine!


  • donna mikasa

    What a fun challenge–hoping to play along.
    Blogger doesn’t think they have issues. Can I link to my Flickr photostream?

  • Jen

    You may link to anywhere I can leave a comment :)

  • Hope you don’t mind I’ve linked to my inside, ooh that sounds funny, I mean insert, it just finishes the story really. Thanks for a very happy challenge Jennifer! :0) xxx

  • Great challenge, Jennifer. I’m loving seeing all these cute dogs and cats. Your card is wonderful. The stone wall looks so realistic.

  • Joan L

    Super great challenge! Gave me a chance to use my favorite animal stamp from Inky Antics. Love seeing all the cards. Fantastic hand drawn wall, Jennifer.

  • Great challenge. Made me use a stamp I never have !! Thank you. A xx

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