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One-layer Wednesday 45: What the Hex!

Hello muffins :)

As some of you may know,  I took a semi-impromptu vacation last week.

The boy and I drove down to Pennsylvania to hang out with a friend who just moved from Vermont into a fabulous 124 year old house in Lancaster.  Hubby was away at a conference in Chicago and as he does all the cooking I had to come up with a plan to keep us from starving (and eating too much pizza).

Now,  what you may not know, is that Lancaster County, PA is Pennsylvania Dutch Country.  And, in Pennsylvania Dutch Country you are likely to see quite a lot of  hex signs.  I love, love, love these bright and colourful works of art.  My mother has one that she bought near Lancaster many years ago; it hangs on her garden shed.

For a quick lesson on hex signs and the meanings of the colours and symbols used, click here (scroll down a bit for the relevant info) and also, here. For additional information, you can click here.

So, by now you should know what’s coming.  This week, the challenge is to make a one-layer card that is inspired by a hex sign.
You can use whatever colours and images work for you – you do not have to stick to the symbols and colours used in the actual hex signs.  I have to say I went a little crazy and made six cards.  I will probably make more!

Clicky on the pics to bigger them.

I’m not going to list everything  I used as this post is long enough already, but I will point out that they are ALL one layer cards.
What looks like layers on some of the cards is just a little bit of clever masking using my Nesties.  If you want to know about a particular stamp or ink (or anything else), please ask :)

1. A one-layer card is defined as a single piece of cardstock folded in half.

2. Make a one-layer card inspired by a hex sign.

3. Please share your creation by posting your card online and then using  Inlinkz below to link to it.

4. Please make sure you are linking directly to the relevant post – not just to your blog.

5. Most important of all…HAVE FUN!

6. If I have confused you, please feel free to leave a comment telling me so, or email me for clarification

7. If you wish to post your creation to SCS, please use OLW45 as a keyword.


Today, March 15th (beware the Ides of March and all that) is my birthday!  And what would a birthday be without presents?

Here are the three presents I am giving away for my birthday.  After you link up your awesome creation,  please leave me a comment telling me which present you would like to have if you are one of the three people chosen (by a secret and very complicated formula that uses not only quantum physics, but also, cheese) to be a gift recipient.

Of course, should you be chosen, there is no guarantee that you will get the gift you picked as the formula uses CHEESE for goodness sake!

Now, finally, the Inlinkz magical thingie thing.

Note: you can begin submitting at 11:59pm tonight.

20 comments to One-layer Wednesday 45: What the Hex!

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  • What a FUN challenge!!! I am so hoping to play along this week. Happy Birthday!

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  • Susan Bridgman

    Your Pennsylvania Dutch cards are gorgeous – I love them all so much it’s impossible to pick a favourite. Now to put my brain to work to come up with something worthy!

  • Happy birthday, i still haven’t used my last winning so no cheese for me

  • Oddesigns

    Thank you for this fun challenge! Oh how I miss the hex signs. I think I’ll hang the one I just made over my crafting area. :)

    Happy birthday! I see you are taking the Hobbit approach to birthdays. Since I’m up for anything, and everything, that involves cheese, I would like to be put in the running for the second of the very nice presents available.

    Sue (oddesigns)

  • What an awesome challenge! I hope to be able to play on Friday…thinking cap on!

  • I learned something new today…I hadn’t heard about hex signs until now. How could I have missed them?! They are pretty neat!

    If I had to pick a pressie…I’d go with #3.

    P.S. Happy belated birthday!

  • Virginia L.

    Happy belated birthday, Jennifer! This looks like a FUN challenge. I was in Lancaster, PA a few times (that’s pretty good as I live in Canada). And guess what? We have Amish people here in my area, too…we call them Mennonites. So I do see a lot of quilts! Hope I get time to play!

  • Virginia L.

    Oh.. about the prize, I’ll go for #3 since I’m the 3rd child. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m intrigued all the more.

  • Virginia L.

    I’m so sorry..I didn’t submit a card yet. Please disregard my previous comment (for now).

  • I like this challenge – off to play!!

  • Happy Birthday.late. That is always the case with me :) I think I have to play – I mean really its my FAVORITE challenge!! :)

  • Thanks for another fun challenge! I love Pressie 1!


  • Happy Birthday Jennifer! I have been to the PA Dutch country and love the rolling farmland and the hex signs. Great idea for a challenge although a challenging one! That’s the point, right? I like stamp set #3 the best. Thanks for the challenge and I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  • This challenge is a lot harder than I thought!! It was fun.

    your cards are wonderful!

  • A great challenge, made me put my thinking cap on and learn’t something new too.
    I’d like pressie no 3 please x

  • Susan Bridgman

    I’ve just done my hex card and posted it. What a challenge!! I’d like present number 2, please!

  • Fun challenge. Wish I had a whole day to spend on it! Thanks for the offer of a present, but I think I’ll let someone else have one. Sure do appreciate your generosity, though! And all the thought and work you put into OLW!

  • stempelomi

    Oh first from the heart a great happy birthday!! (Sorry I’m late)
    It’s a great challenge this week, I love it !
    Your presents are lovely, I’d like no 3 please. Thanks for the chance!


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