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Stuff and Things

Greetings and apologies from afar.  I decided to take an almost spur of the moment trip and haven’t had much time online and am very behind on my comments for BOTH my last challenges.  I am sorry.  Bad, bad challenge hostess.  I know.  I will catch up.  Eventually.  Promise!

Also, this would normally be my week for the OLW but Susan has kindly agreed to swap with me since I am AWOL in the land of craft stores, more craft stores and Target.  Bliss.

I will be back next week with an odd numbered OLW and a give away!

Stay tuned.  :)


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  • Jennifer,

    Enjoy the shopping! Target is an amazing place for crafting inspiration, too, and if you’re lucky, there’s a Starbucks in the Target you go to!

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