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This is my card for CPS204.

I love the shabby chic style.  I love vintage.  Can I make a card in those styles?  No.  I keep trying, but it always ends in tears.

This card is no exception.


It’s missing stuff, isn’t it?  Feel free to tell me where I went wrong.



Click the pic to big the pic.

Card stock: PTI
Patterned paper: My Mind’s Eye
Die-cut: My Mind’s Eye
Stamps: Cavallini, DeNami Designs
Ink: Tim Holtz
Flower: Maya Road

Edited to add my “fix”.  I couldn’t stop and while I was fixing it, I broke it again.  I think the music notes should have just been random.

Take two

Take two

5 comments to CPS204

  • This is really pretty the way it is, but since you asked, maybe add some faux stitching (or real if you can sew) around the green panel? Or maybe a strip of lace on the bottom third sweet spot of the card?

  • I love the way the elements work together, but you’re right, it’s missing something isn’t it?

    Try distressing and inking the edges of the green and calendar layers to amp up the vintage feel. Then add something to help fill in the aggressive whitespace around the bird, because it’s not quite whitespace with that dark grid. How about a few music notes or organic shapes (swirls, leafy vines, damask) in a light pink or tan to support the bird without competing? A bit of lace or paper eyelet near the bottom of the calendar, behind the flower, would help ground the center panel too.

    Listen to Miss bossy pants here! Can’t always see how to fix my own crafting issues, but you can’t shut me up when someone else asks for suggestions. Hope they help!

  • Hi – I reckon Sarah is on the right lines. Perhaps one of those bead-type flourishes to give it a bit of a lift on the top section somewhere, and some ribbon/lace along the bottom half? It’s lovely but just a bit ‘flat’ somehow. It’s so hard sometimes, isn’t it? The more you look, the less you’re sure, somehow! Joys of crafting, eh?! LOL! x

  • I’m torn between CAS and shabby/vintage and can never work out which is best! I think it’s the Gemini in me.

    I like this card and agree that maybe it needs a bit more and I think Sarah has given a super set of suggestions.

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