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OLW30 – Winners!

So, using the secret formula known only to myself, my son, and Santa, the following five people will be receiving a teeny, tiny pressie from the Styles household.



Kim S.

Debra Frings

Laurel Beard

Please email me your snail mail addresses so I can get your goodies in the mail

A big thank you to all who played along, your creations were just wonderful!

4 comments to OLW30 – Winners!

  • EEK! So excited! Sent you an email. Thank you SO much!

  • Kim S

    Yeah!! Thank you! I will send my address.

    The challenge was wonderful. I have to admit, I initially cringed because I don’t like inspiration challenges, and then I saw the inspiration cards and I got really uncomfortable as they didn’t seem to be my “style”. But, you know what, I LOVED what everybody came up with and I had so much fun doing mine! That’s what challenges are for – this one definitely stretched my comfort zone. SO FUN!!!

  • Thank you so much Jennifer – you’ve just made my evening!! This challenge was such fun. I had lots more ideas, but ran out of time that week. However, I’m going to use some of them in future cards. I think everyone came up with some wonderful cards. Email on it’s way to you now. Hugs, Deborah xx

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