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Hey, what’s goin’ on?

So, we arrived home from England, but annoyingly, while we were there we all came down with the plague a really nasty, horribly persistent, cold-y, cough-y,  sore-throaty, sniffly thing.  We are only now just beginning to feel human,  so I have yet to make a card since we’ve been back.

Oddly, I did manage to muster enough energy/brain-power  to start re-organising my craft room.  I am hoping to finish that this weekend and take some pics to post here.

Also, I am  working on the details for the challenges I hope to be hosting here on my blog.

Please bear with me, and while you are waiting enjoy some pics from our trip.  (The adorable little boy is my four-year-old son – I wasn’t kidding about the very extended mat leave!)

Click on the pics and right before your very eyes, they shall enbiggen!

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