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CPS #78 – 1

These are my first attempts at CPS #78

Black Butterflies

Black Butterflies

Sage Butterflies

Sage Butterflies

I had an idea. I thought it was a good idea.

It didn’t quite work. Not sure exactly what’s wrong. Are the butterflies too big? Do the cards need more layers?

I don’t hate them, but they are just off somehow.

Suggestions welcome!

Click’em to big’em.

4 comments to CPS #78 – 1

  • Jael

    size looks right – I’d add in another layer (or two) under the butterflies and the patterned paper rectangle… just to tie them together a bit more and add a little more depth? I’d use either a paper in the same color tone but different shade, or maybe add in another color to the scheme?

  • Wonderful card – wonderful butterflies and great use of the CPS sketch

  • charity hassel

    very classy and pretty takes on the cps sketch! love the colors and butterfllies!

  • Hi Jennifer! Love the colours of the darker one. The composition is good, you just need to “anchor” the butterflies. I agree with what Jael said.

    You could also just put a ribbon under them to anchor them. It would maintain the simplicity and the butterflies would no longer just “float”. My humble opinion….


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