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A funny thing happened on the way to Taylor’s Cupcake Challenge

Not tecc28

Not tecc28



Side by side

Side by side

It’s funny how sometimes you start out with an idea and a plan, but end up with something else.

The first picture started out as my card for Taylor‘s Cupcake challenge, but I veered off course. At first I thought I’d try to pass it off as “close enough to the sketch” but then I became afraid that Taylor would hunt me down and throw cupcakes at my head *grin*.

I love the card and thought I’d post it here anyway.

Quaking in my boots and still fearing that cupcake to the head, I got to work on a card that did actually follow Taylor’s sketch.

Finally, I took a picture of the two cards together, I am really quite pleased with them both :)

Click’em to big’em.

1 comment to A funny thing happened on the way to Taylor’s Cupcake Challenge

  • hahaha….okay, would cupcakes to the head really be that bad?! =) Just kidding…I would never do anything of the sort! I would have to agree with you though that the cards are wonderful!!!! I love the button flowers!!! Thanks for much for playing….maybe I’ll get lucky next week and get to see two more for the challenge! =)

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