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Caardvarks – Name that Tuna

Name that Tuna – 1

Name that Tuna – 2

It’s been a while since I did a Caardvark challenge so I’m glad I found a little time to play along with this one.

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CPS #79 – Variation on a Theme

New Home

New Home

Here is my card for CPS #79. I seem to be a little house obsessed at the moment.

The trees, house and clouds were all made using my Cricut.

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CPS #78 – 2

Little House in the Air-y

Here is my second attempt at this week’s CPS sketch. I quite like this one. Let’s just pretend that the tree and the house aren’t just floating in the air.

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CPS #78 – 1

These are my first attempts at CPS #78

Black Butterflies

Sage Butterflies

I had an idea. I thought it was a good idea.

It didn’t quite work. Not sure exactly what’s wrong. Are the butterflies too big? Do the cards need more layers?

I don’t hate them, but they are […]

CPS #77

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


Late again…

Oh. Well.

This is my card for CPS #77

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A funny thing happened on the way to Taylor’s Cupcake Challenge

Not tecc28


Side by side

It’s funny how sometimes you start out with an idea and a plan, but end up with something else.

The first picture started out as my card for Taylor‘s Cupcake challenge, but I veered off course. At first I thought I’d try to pass it […]

Aha! I found another actual cupcake

Cupcake Challenge #27

Cupcake Challenge #27 – view 2

This is my card for Taylor‘s Cupcake Challenge.

If you click’em, you will […]

CPS #75


Baby – view 2

Wheeeeeee, finally got a chance to do a CPS sketch again!

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