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Double Duty: Beate’s WSC39 and Caardvarks’ Transportation


I think this card is missing something…like a greeting. In it’s current form, there isn’t really room to put anything else without crowding. I think I might re-make this card with the patterned paper square a little smaller so I can fit in a greeting.

Suggestions welcome!

4 comments to Double Duty: Beate’s WSC39 and Caardvarks’ Transportation

  • i love this, it’s adorable!!! and i don’t think it *needs* anything…but if you want a greeting on there…howsabout a rub-on right on that cute patterned paper? …or even in a little badge mounted over the patterned paper section?

    (ps: i’m loving your blog name…”styles ink/style sink”…wish i’d’ve thought of that!) :)

  • Maybe a rub-on, or a little “talking cloud” from your car saying “beep beep” … I love it just the way it is … adorable.

  • Adorable card, Jennifer. I like it. If you need a sentiment, you could maybe layer it on shapes on the top right of your patterned paper square.

    Hugs and smiles

  • This is really cute!

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