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Beate – Weekend Sketch Challenge #34


I feel that this went a little wrong somewhere. Is the white rectangle with the baby clothes too big? Too white? Too white on white? Is it something else?

Click it to big it.


Constructive criticism most welcome!

4 comments to Beate – Weekend Sketch Challenge #34

  • Hi Jennifer, I don’t think it went all wrong. I might have slimmed the card base down a bit, so it is less of a square (coming from me…that’s quite something. LOL! I love square cards). I think it’s cute!
    Thanks for playing with the sketch! Hugs and smiles

  • Hi Jennifer, I think that the card is very cute! The only thing I might suggest is maybe put the baby clothes on pale pink cardstock, so there is less white altogher, but pale enough for the baby clothes to still stand out. It is still a very cute card.

  • Hi Jennifer, I think it’s wonderful as is. My general “fix all” is to add another layer, in this case, see what it might look like to layer your card on a corresponding or darker shade of pink…it helps to frame it!

    Thanks your kind “Canadian” comments on my blog!! Regarding the scalloped edges, there is a tutorial on my blog. You can see it here: , or you can look under the category Technique Tuesday. I did it a few months ago, so you will have to scroll down a ways. HTH!

  • Yoyo

    The only suggestion I have is to put the baby clothes closer together. I would put them as if the child were wearing them, so perhaps layer the top a little over the bottom, does that make sense?

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