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Beate – Weekend Challenge #33


This card has a bit of story – it was inspired by my two-year old son, Aidan.

Aidan broke a bowl. It was entirely my fault as I left the bowl perched precariously on the arm of a chair.

Aidan, taking his responsibilities as a toddler very seriously did his toddler duty and knocked it off the chair.

The broken bowl proved inspiring especially combined with Beate’s wonderful sketch.

And here’s my little helper – I love him to pieces!

5 comments to Beate – Weekend Challenge #33

  • Jennifer, your card looks amazing! I love the pieced hearts. Now…are those actual pieces of your bowl, or what did you use for that?
    Thanks so much for playing with the sketch! Hugs and smiles

  • admin

    Yep, those are pieces of the actual bowl inside the paper hearts.

  • Elisabeth

    I was going to ask if those were pieces of the broken bowl but Beate me to it. My next question is are they sharp-edged? If not, what did you do to dull them?

    I LOVE the card. Perhaps I would have preferred a different ribbon. If red, a solid or a pattern more like the bowl or background paper patterns. Or checks but in a colour already on the card. That might just be me, however; I like mixes of patterns but keep finding I’m more conservative about it than many other people.

  • Beautiful Jennifer! I love the colors! – even the touch of red!

  • Amazing! You have skills! I tried a mosaic one time, it looked like a 2 year old made it!

    Glad you found your way to Splitcoast, your work is beautiful!!

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