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Double Duty – Beate WSC Challenge #36 and Caardvarks XOXO Lovefest – Friendship

I wanted to try a card using stamps…well, stamp. Guess how many stamps I own? That’s right, you’re looking at it. Happily, that’s all gonna change when the SUL (Stampin’ Up Lady) brings me my big honkin’ first-ever SU order. I blame Beate 😉

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Caardvarks – XOXO Lovefest – Anniversary

I kind of messed up the positioning of the text, but apart from that, I’m quite pleased with this card. Inspiration again comes from Jo.

Click’em for a slightly bigger picture.

DCM -Love and Friendship

This card was totally inspired by Jo whose style I adore and whose talent I covet.

Beate – Weekend Sketch Challenge #35

This is my second attempt. The first one went oh-so-wrong. I’m not completely thrilled with this one, but I don’t hate it.

If you click ’em, it will big’em.

Hmm, actually, that’s not true, it only feels that way. Never mind the clicking then.

As always, constructive criticism is most […]

Caardvarks – XOXO Lovefest – Baby Love

Click’em to big’em.

Beate – Weekend Sketch Challenge #34

I feel that this went a little wrong somewhere. Is the white rectangle with the baby clothes too big? Too white? Too white on white? Is it something else?

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Constructive criticism most welcome!

Double Duty – DCM Doodling and Caardvarks Valentine Card

A frame is a kind of border, right? Right?

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DCM – Red and White

I think I should have stopped after the first set of three brads on the upper right. Oh. Well.

Beate – Weekend Challenge #33

This card has a bit of story – it was inspired by my two-year old son, Aidan.

Aidan broke a bowl. It was entirely my fault as I left the bowl perched precariously on the arm of a chair.

Aidan, taking his responsibilities as a toddler very seriously did his toddler duty […]